Friday, July 16, 2010

Baltimore Oriole in color!

Well, this is surprising!  I painted something!

Yes, it is a shock to me...  I haven't done a flat painting in years.  I used to paint model horses, but hadn't even done any of that in at least a year.  I got a beginners kit of Gouache paints a few months ago, but was too chicken to try them out.  On a whim the other day, I printed off a copy of my Baltimore Oriole, and proceeded to paint on it.  This is the result.  I started with the orange breast, and ended up with a more "abstract" look than I expected, but I find I rather like it!

I'm not sure what this would be considered, the drawing was originally mine, but I painted over a copy of it, but whatever it's to be called, it was FUN!

Hmm...  Should have added more orange on the bottom of the belly...  Maybe I'll do that later...