Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring cleaning!

Well, spring has finally arrived!  It's hard to not be jealous of those bloggers who live south of me (which is almost everyone) in the spring, as all their yards become alive with birds well before mine!

But we are (almost) out of snow, and our juncos and robins are back!  Yay!

That said, I want to talk about a year-round bird, the Hairy Woodpecker.  Or one in particular, anyways.  I don't have a lot of good photos of Hairies.  Most of my photos show them tap-tap-tapping along.  Typical behavior, but not so interesting! 

I'd spied a male Hairy on one of the trees out back, he was tap-tap-tapping away, hanging upside down.  I took photos anyways.  Just because.  Then a trunk rumbled by, and started him.  Dang!  But instead of flying off, he jumped onto the top of the branch.  Must have found a sunny spot, he soon started fluffing his feathers out, sunning and preening. 

My photos aren't the greatest, but I got a kick out of his poses!

Looks kind of like a sleeping Ruddy Duck!

That's a LOT of fluff! 

Now what is that expression?  I suppose we'll call that blissed out.  Gotta love that spring sunshine!


  1. He certainly looks like he's enjoying the sun in the last shot. :)

  2. Doesn't he, though! We sure waited long enough for that sunshine this year!